Do You want to make an investment in forex trading business? if the answer is Yes, you must read, here are the things you need to learn if you intend to do investment business through the forex trading business.

Forex Trading. The Forex market is a 24-hour cash (spot) market in which currency pairs such as the Euro/us dollar (EUR/USD) are traded. Because currencies are traded in pairs, investors and traders are essentially betting that one currency will rise and the other will fall.

in this case, trader are bought and sold currency according to the current price or depend on exchange rate.
Currency futures. These are futures contracts for currencies bought and sold based on the standard size and settlement date. CME Group is the largest currency futures market in the US and offers futures contracts for G10 currency pairs, emerging market currency pairs and e-micro products.

Currency option. Where futures contracts represent an obligation to make the future in currency exchange, to buy or to sell, give, devastates the holder of the option the right but not the obligation, to have in the future or before a specified date a fixed amount of foreign currency at a certain price in order to buy or sell.

Listed funds (ETFs) and Listed notes (ETNs). There are a number of currency products that offer exposure to currency markets. Some ETFs are a single currency, while others buy and manage a group of currencies.
Certificates Of Deposit (CDs). Foreign currency CDs are available in individual currencies or basket currencies and allow investors to receive interest at foreign rates. Global energy Bank from Everbank to four currencies from non-energy Middle East countries (Australian dollar, British pound sterling, canadian dollar and Norwegian Krone).
Foreign Bond Funds. These are mutual funds investing in foreign government bonds. Foreign bonds are usually denominated in the currency of the country of sale. If the value of a foreign currency increases relative to the investor’s local currency, the interest earned will increase with the conversion.

Like all other investments, investing in the foreign exchange market involves risks.